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My signature program designed to help Christian women lose fat and ditch fatigue while gaining the peace and confidence to live their lives focused on the things that really matter.

The Peace & Lunges group coaching program will:

  • Show you how to lose weight without being hungry and stressed all the time


  • Focus on the foundational elements of exercise to get the most with the least time


  • Remind you to look to Christ for your sufficiency and fulfillment


  • Help you build the most important habits for long term health and weight management


  • Provide you with coaching and community support to help you finally make lasting change

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Do you have fitness goals that feel out of reach?

Maybe you've spent your entire life hearing that

this is just how things go.
You hit your 30s or 40s and the extra pounds are inevitable.
Maybe you're just a mom jeans person now.

Or maybe you're not...


  • Feeling confident in your favorite jeans

  • Eating well without worry, hunger, or guilt

  • Being less stressed and having more energy

  • Having peace about your body and trust in God for your worth

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If these are the kind of results you're looking for, you're in the right place!

Amy is an incredible health coach who is able to meet you where you are at without judgement. She is wonderful at working at goals incrementally and developing a personalized approach. She is able to synthesize many different areas of health and explain them in layman’s terms. I feel that I can really trust her knowledge and motives. I have felt so much healthier since working with her...

Lexi, OH

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Any of this sound familiar?

This wasn't always a problem

You were active as a kid. Maybe you played a sport. You were aware of your body and maybe you even dieted, but you didn't struggle with weight.

But you grew up hearing it would be

You grew up hearing "just wait until your 30s/40s/you're older." You were always told you that you were going to gain weight, end up with diabetes, have back pain, etc. You were taught that it was just inevitable.

And now you're older

Now you're in your 30s/40s, and you're starting to feel "fluffy" and constantly tired. You've done things before that have worked - like CrossFit, Beach Body, P90X, running marathons, but trying to find the time to fit these things in now feels impossible and exhausting. You're busy and stressed. You just can't do it all!

You don't even know what the right thing is anymore

Besides at this point you're confused about what you should be doing. Did all the CrossFit screw up your hormones and that's why you're so tired all the time now? Is all the running you did before the reason you feel "soft" now?!

That voice is living rent free in your head

You're starting to feel out of control and doomed. Busy, stressed, and tired.

What if those things you were always told are actually right? What if you never lose the ten pounds that sneaked up on you? Are you really never going to feel cute your jeans or a fitted shirt again?

You worry that even caring is vain or selfish

There are more important things in life, and you worry that caring about your body is vain. In a world where scripture calls us to care for others, you're feeling like it might be selfish to care about your own fitness or weight.

You are not alone & there is hope!

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You see, I've been there

I've heard those voices and fought the fear and sense

of hopelessness.
I've felt overwhelmed by all the things I "should be" doing.
And I've felt guilt, thinking that caring about my body was a vain and selfish distraction.
Until I found a better way.

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This is exactly why I created the Peace & Lunges Group Coaching Program.

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Hi! I'm Amy

I'm a certified personal trainer and health coach who loves to help overwhelmed women get fit without getting stressed.

After years of watching women get beat up and burnt out by "women's fitness" and experiencing the same myself, I decided to find a different, more sustainable path to health and fitness.

Now I rely on the time-tested basics, accessible healthy habits, practical real food nutrition, and a Christian worldview to help women get results without sacrificing the time and energy that should be focused on the things that are most important.

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