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Hi! I'm Amy

And I believe that losing weight should feel great, fit your life instead of consuming it, and support your Christian faith!

My mission is to help you bridge the gap so you can get the results you want and feel awesome about how you got there

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Are you tired of trying on 5 different outfits in the morning and hating how you feel in every single one? Sick of feeling tired all the time? Exhausted with losing weight and then gaining it all back again?


I help Christian women  lose weight once and for all, improve their health, speed up their metabolism, and have more energy.

When Your tailored workout program can be accessed anytime and anywhere to fit your busy schedule. Let's start your fitness journey today!


Get to Know My Approach

My clients work with me in a metabolism-first approach, presented with a Christian worldview.

What does that mean?

It means we'll be working together to help you reach your goals without being hungry or exercising every single day.

We'll also focus in on what it means to care for ourselves with a respect for God and His  creation.

What I Offer

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1:1 Metabolic & Fat Loss Transformation

Lose the fat forever, eat more, exercise less than you think you have to, and use your fitness journey to enhance your faith.

This is what I help women do in

my 1-on-1 coaching transformation program. We focus in on boosting your metabolism, reducing stress, and finding motivation in our relationship with God.

Peace & Lunges Group Coaching Program

In my Peace & Lunges group coaching program, I help women lose 5 pounds, learn the basics of metabolism, and understand how their faith and their fitness journey are connected.

We focus in on the things that move the needle most, because who has time for things that don't!?

Why Choose Sustainably Fit?

Workout Anytime, Anywhere

Traditional, in-gym personal training requires you be in a specific place at a specific time.

Online training gives you the same clear plan and accountability but with the flexibility you need to be able to stick with it.

Personalized Programs

Your workout and health program will be designed to meet your specific needs and goals and to fit into your specific life.


I take into account your fitness level, health conditions, and personal preferences to create a plan that works for you.

Experienced, Expert Trainer

I've been coaching for 15 years, with certifications in personal training, health coaching, and exercise recovery.

From group classes to 1-on-1 coaching, I've worked with numerous women on fitting back into their favorite jeans in a healthy way, having more energy for their families and hobbies, and using their health journey to grow in their Christian faith.

Christian Worldview

Are you as sick as I am of seeing new age-adjacent ideologies seeping into your workout classes?

I work to not only give you a space away from talk about manifestation, but to also be able to focus your mindset and motivation on God so that your fitness journey can support your faith.

What My Clients Say

Warm Up on the Beach

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